Harrison Ford’s Halloween Fashions: Late Last Night

Harrison Ford was on Jay Leno last night, and the first question Jay asked him was if he’s ever dressed up a pet because Halloween is approaching and there’s an Indiana Jones costume you can stuff your dog into for the occasion. Ford said he hadn’t, but he had dressed up as a dog in a hotdog suit one year. For shame, Jay Leno. Your line of questioning is irrelevant to the case of Harrison Ford starring in a movie with Diane Keaton about aging anchors at a news station.

Jimmy Fallon started a new shtick called ‘Justin Bieber Reflections,’ where his sneakers match his hoodie and he’s blessed for it.

And after that, Jimmy chatted with Whoopi Goldberg about how she’s in the new Tyler Perry movie, For Colored Girls Who Have Considered Suicide When The Rainbow Is Enuf, and how it’s a tough movie to watch and we should all be afraid of it because our Whoopi Goldberg tolerance has lowered since she insisted we kick the habit long ago. So she first recommends going back and watching Sister Act a few times before we see it.

David Letterman’s top ten list was “The Top Ten Thoughts Going Through The Chilean Miners’ Minds In The Rescue Capsule.” Yep, it was.

Jon Stewart listened to Olivia Munn talk about the Chilean miners rescue. Yes, it was very great they were rescued and great job everyone. But did you hear about the miner who was cheating on his wife with another lady, and the two ladies happened to meet at a vigil or something and how when he was rescued yesterday, only his mistress showed up to welcome him back to air pressure? That was my favorite part.

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And Stephen Colbert talked a little bit about sports, like how Brett Favre is a sexter (well of course he is! He probably wants to show that he’s worthy of the middle name “LORENZO”) and how some guy in Montana argued steroids are great because they work.

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