‘Hatfields & McCoys’ Forever: Charlize Theron Eyes New Series

ALTSeeing as the world isn’t operating by any of its old laws of reality, the new History Channel television miniseries Hatfields & McCoys recently broke, and then rebroke, the ratings record for an ad supported cable broadcast. Thus, understated retellings of pieces of American folk history are in now. And before James Franco can even lay claim to this pop culture peculiarity, another fashionable Hollywood icon is getting in on the ground floor: Charlize Theron.

THR reports that the Snow White and the Huntsman star is interested in developing another adaptation of Hatfields & McCoys… which, in a mind-blowingly ironic fashion, might make the two TV projects deadly rivals. Theron’s concept will differ from the existing miniseries, which stars Kevin Costner and Tom Berenger. Theron is in talks with ABC Studios to shop a series that will provide a modern day retelling of the age-old tale.

As it stands, Theron is attached as a producer, and not necessarily as a member of the cast. However, the only project to date that the actress has produced and not starred in was the 2006 documentary East of Havana. Considering this, it is likely that Theron will take onscreen duties as well. The real question: will she be a Hatfield or a McCoy?

Hatfields Fever

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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