‘Hawaii Five-0’ Recap: Ki’ilua

Hawaii-Five-0S2E10: So, yeah … remember in the season 2 premiere of Hawaii Five-0 when it was revealed that Jenna Kaye was in cahoots with Wo Fat? We hadn’t seen much of her since then — or any of that storyline — and then tonight’s episode happened!

First up, of course, is a murder. A newspaper reporter named Bethany is killed in the opening scene in her O’ahu apartment, after she feared, correctly, that was she being followed. After one suspect is taken into custody and interrogated but clearly not a link to the homicide — and the man, Sung Paek, who was a direct link turns up dead — the motive is unclear.

Enter Jenna, who, remember, claimed she went to Washington, D.C., to investigate the disappearance of her fiancee, Joshua Hersh. She’s back on the island, asking McGarrett for a rather large favor: She’s found her fiancee, who’s apparently alive and being held captive in North Korea, and … would McGarrett, well-trained Navy SEAL that he is, mind accompanying her to the off-limits nation to rescue him.

Stupidly, but selflessly, Steve says yes.

It doesn’t take long once in North Korea for Jenna’s true intentions to rear their ugly head. Ditto Wo Fat. Steve is swiftly taken by Wo and Co. and brought to what is essentially a torture-chamber compound. It also doesn’t take long for Danny and the rest of Five-0 to find out that Jenna was lying about pretty much everything and that she was involved in the death of Bethany (who was informed by Wo Fat that Joshua was still alive; she relayed the misinformation to Jenna). And that Steve is not safe.

Jenna is guilt-ridden about setting up McGarrett, whom she’d decided to trade for her fiancee, and when she finds out that her fiancee is, in fact, dead, she promptly switches sides again — back to the good guys.

The Five-0, meanwhile, make the trek to North Korea to rescue McGarrett, under the not-too-credible disguise of a humanitarian mission. When they finally arrive at the compound, they find Jenna dead and Steve missing. After some shootouts and some demolishing bridges from above — with some help from Kono and Lori, who are not involved in the ground combat, so to speak — they rescue Steve. But Wo Fat has escaped yet again. That elusive bastard! Stay tuned …


1. This quote from Danny to the first suspect: “How big of a moron are you? Huh? A woman turns up dead after you leave her a series of death threats. Do you think that a jury is just going to ignore that?”

2. During one of the more intense scenes of the whole series, Jenna, about to be apprehended again by Wo Fat’s henchmen, manages to dig through her long-dead fiancée’s knee cartilage to find a pin (inserted following a previous car accident) that only a significant other would know about – and that’ll later help Steve escape … temporarily.

3. After taking an especially sadistic round of torture at the hands of Wo Fat – while hanging by his arms from the ceiling – McGarrett looks him dead in the eyes, laughs and defiantly spits out blood he has caused.

4. Guest star Jimmy Buffett, piloting his beat-up chopper and trailing the convoy that’s carrying Steve, suggests to Lori that she take out the bridge ahead. Which she does in quite cool, video-game-like fashion.

5. The climactic shootout scene, in which the Five-0 team overtakes Wo Fat’s army and rescues an on-the-verge-of-death Steve – who regains his health pretty quickly!