‘Hawaii Five-O’ & ‘Alcatraz’ Add Leads

Larisa OleynikNormally when a source breaks a story on a casting announcement for a big show it gets a nice little article like the one you’re reading now. But Deadline decided to put three of them together in one post so now you’re getting a SUPER MEGA POST WITH THREE TIMES THE NEWS AND THREE TIMES THE FUN! OH YEAH!

First up – Hawaii Five-O gets a new recurring character with Larisa Oleynik. If you were born around 1985, you will remember her as Alex Mack in The Secret World of Alex Mack. Oleynik will play a CIA agent that joins the gang as a task force leader in charge of teaching the them not to spout out terrible exposition. As much as we may wish that were the case, she’ll actually be joining the hunt for arch-nemesis Wo Fat (and as a potential love interest for either Danno or McGarrett or hell, even both of them?). We’d like to take this time to thank Oleynik for the strange attraction to silver puddles that plagued middle school boys in the mid-90s, not that we know any of them or anything.

Next we have Melora Hardin, the frighteningly insane Jan on The Office, who has joined the hour-long TBS pilot The Wedding Band. The show follows (naturally) a wedding band comprised of two lifelong friends – one a dedicated bachelor, the other a married man and father of two. Will they bicker about love during the reception? Tune in to find out! Hardin will play the president of an event planning company that regularly hires the duo. The other big note about this show is that Brian Austin Green will play one of the lead roles. Green is married to Megan Fox. I’m just glad to see him doing something to earn that coveted spot as THE LUCKIEST MAN ON THE FACE OF THIS PLANET. That ungrateful ass…

And finally, Alcatraz has landed its final regular with Santiago Cabrera. There isn’t any word on the role he will be playing in the really-sounds-familiar “mysterious island disappears and time travels under mysterious circumstances” show from J.J. Abrams. Cabrera is best known for his role Heroes, but we won’t hold that against him.

Source: Deadline