HBO and Aaron Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’ Produces Second Trailer –– VIDEO

ALTSo far everything we’ve seen of the upcoming HBO comedy/drama The Newsroom feels so very, very Aaron Sorkin, from its heavy-hitting ensemble to its verbal tennis matches (“You thought the Russians invaded Atlanta?” “In retrospect, it seems far-fetched”) to its social awareness platforms (“The newsroom turned into a courtroom because American voters need a lawyer.”)

The latest trailer for the series feels like even more familiar Aaron Sorkin territory, the beloved Sports Night. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Sure, the new trailer doesn’t pack quite the same wallop as the first trailer and he’s essentially replaced the inner-office politics of Sports Night with News Night and Josh Charles and Peter Krause with a crusading, brash Jeff Daniels as a newscaster challenging the system, but even with the most familiar Sorkin touches (Daniels accidentally congratulates the wrong broadcast booth) it still feels fresh. Now that is some powerful television, kids.

Watch the latest preview for The Newsroom – which features more scenes of supporting players like Jane Fonda, Alison Pill, John Gallagher, Jr – here:

Does The Newsroom already feel too much like Sports Night to you? But since when would that be such a bad thing? Sound off in the comments section below. The Newsroom premieres on June 24.