HBO Enlists Charlie Kaufman & Catherine Keener to Create TV Show (About a TV Show?)

Catherine Keener You might have thought that Charlie Kaufman depressed himself into a professional coma after the outstanding but dangerous-to-watch-if-you’re-going-through-some-stuff Synecdoche, New York. Since the film, which came out in 2008, Kaufman hasn’t released any new projects. But apparently, he was just saving up his energy for his own personal artistic renaissance. Adding to his existing pile, which includes two movies and a novel, Kaufman is creating a television series for HBO, which will star frequent collaborator Catherine Keener.

The details of the program are still vague, but it is reported to focus on how different preceding events might affect a single day in a woman’s (Keener, one would imagine) life. Sounds a bit like a take on the Butterfly Effect, but, considering the parties involved, probably a lot better than The Butterfly Effect.

This will Kaufman’s first foray into television since the 1990s, when he worked on programs like Ned and Stacey and The Dana Carvey Show. That was all before we really knew what Charlie Kaufman was, so this new project will likely be more in step with his film work.

Presently, Kaufman has the star-studded take on the world of Internet blogging, Frank or Francis, on the horizon. The film features Keener alongside Adaptation’s Nicolas Cage, Steve Carell, Jack Black, and Kevin Kline. Kaufman is also writing the screenplay for the Chaos Walking adaptation, The Knife of Never Letting Go.

[Photo Credit: David Edwards/Daily Celeb]


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