HBO Renews ‘Veep’ for Season 3

 Credit: HBO

While West Wing fans are still considering staring a Kickstarter for the Jed Bartlet Presidential Library in some hell hole in New Hampshire, the rest of us are celebrating another TV show about the executive branch. Yes, HBO has ordered a third season of Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ Emmy farm Veep, which has not only been improving in the ratings over the last few weeks (surely that Game of Thrones lead-in doesn’t hurt), but has actually been getting funnier and funnier. 

With half of the second season still left to air, the show that you watch on your boyfriend’s step-father’s HBO Go account on your iPad has been renewed for 10 more episodes that are scheduled to air sometime next year. We’re sure even tart mouthed creator Armando Iannucci can’t think of any insults today. Actually, he probably can, and can’t wait to see what he puts in bumbling Vice President Selina Meyer’s mouth next. 

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