HBO’s ‘Game Change’ Gets Woody Harrelson As John McCain’s Campaign Manager

Woody HarrelsonRemember how back during the 2008 presidential campaign, we all kind of wanted somebody like Woody Harrelson to talk some sense into Sarah Palin? Grab her by the shoulders, shake her a little bit and get to the bottom of just what the fuck was going on in her brain?

Well, now we’ll finally get that — sort of. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Harrelson has joined HBO’s telefilm Game Change as the campaign manager. The story follows the events of the 2008 presidential election between John McCain and Barack Obama. Ed Harris signed on yesterday as McCain with Julianne Moore joining earlier as Palin. The film is based on the bestselling book by John Heilemann and Mark Halperin. It was adapted by Danny Strong and will be directed by Jay Roach, the same team that made HBO’s other Emmy-winning political telefilm, Recount. Currently, there’s no word on whether or not Harrelson will wear a cowboy hat with every outfit like usual, but damn it, we really hope that does happen.

Source: The Hollywood Reporter