HBO Sets Up Magical WWII Drama From Michael Chabon

Michael ChabonCelebrated author and screenwriter Michael Chabon is tweaking history a bit with his in-the-works HBO series, Hobgoblin. The show takes place during the second World War and combines elements of all the most exciting movies: magic, con men, offing nazis, and fighting Hitler. Yes, you read that right. Basically, the show would follow a group of con men and MAGICIANS who fight nazis. Who cares if it’s not true to history? It’s MAGIC. It’s kind of like if Harry Potter was fighting a second Voldemort. (Or pre-Voldemort? I’m still confused about the Harry Potter time line.) That’s kind of cool, right?

Chabon and his wife will serve as writers, so as ridiculous as this all sounds, it will probably actually be fairly intelligent and well done. This may just be too many good things at once, but I’m certainly intrigued.

Source: THR