HBO To Air Ricky Gervais’ ‘Life’s Too Short’

Fantastic news everyone! Ricky Gervais’ new show Life’s Too Short will travel across the pond and air on HBO in 2012 after debuting on BBC2 later this year. How fantastic is this? In Gervais’ own words he describes it as “a combination of The Office and Extras.” But with a dwarf. In the faux-doc form, the show follows Warwick Davis who plays a fictionalized version of himself as a struggling actor. Gervais and collaborator Stephen Merchant will have small roles as themselves but each episode will feature a prominent guest star, similarly to Extras. So far, Johnny Depp, Sting, and Steve Carell have been announced. Does anyone have a fresh pair of pants I could borrow?

Here’s HBO’s short teaser for the show:

Source: Deadline