HBO Will Keep ‘Game of Thrones’ Going For As Long As It Needs To Go

Peter DinklageToo often, those behind the creative development of a series and the network broadcasting it are on opposite sides of a battle. It appears that, in the case of Game of Thrones, everyone is playing for the same team. Fans can rejoice, because HBO Co-President Richard Plepler and Programming President Michael Lombardo revealed at the TCA Summer Press Tour that they are very much in support of the program’s longevity and creative freedom.

Some fans fear that the series may face cancellation before it completes story told in the source material,  George R. R. Martin‘s A Song of Fire and Ice series. However, Lombardo said, “I can promise you that [HBO] won’t stop [producing Game of Thrones] before it’s ready to stop.” Plepner added, “We told George we’d go as long as he kept writing.” Both execs expressed outstanding respect for Martin (who also serves as a screenwriter for the HBO series) and for fans’ loyalty to the show.

Plepler and Lombardo also discussed the possibility of changing up the show’s one book to 10-episode formula to give more space to the events from each of the books in the series, the first of which was confined to a short season. Lombardo expressed his hypothetical willingness to expand the seasons to 12 episodes, but implied that the effort and extensive production needs are beyond plausibility. Whatever the formula of future seasons, fans can rest assured that the executives are staunchly behind maintaining the creative integrity of the program as understood by Martin and the creative team behind the show.

Source: Hitfix, Vulture