Hear About ‘Marvel’s InHumans’ From The Cast

ABC is putting a lot into their series ‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ and they hope it will pay off.

Inhumans are people with super powers that have had to go into hiding. They fear that humans will hunt them down and they don’t want to use their powers to win, so they find solace on the moon. The group is lead by Black Bolt (Mount) who leads as king with his wife Medusa (Swan). Bolt has many advisors, including his brother Maximus (Rheon) who has a different opinion on what they should do. Maximus believes they should use their powers to take over earth instead of cowering away.

In the above interview, Anson Mount discusses more on what the Inhumans are as well as why they keep his brother around, Serinda Swan explains Maximus’s feelings, and Iwan Rheon discusses more of the story as well as why his character believes he’s doing the right thing.


‘Marvel’s Inhumans’ will first premiere in IMAX on September 1, 2017, and on ABC starting September 29, 2017.