Heath Ledger Apologies to TV Show After Bad Behavior

Actor Heath Ledger has apologized to the presenters of Australian TV show
Sunrise after he ignored reporters’ questions and focused on peeling an orange
during an interview.

The 10 Things I Hate About You star was interviewed by Katherine Tullich last
week for the Channel 7 network’s morning show and his unhelpful
interview style prompted hundreds of complaints from incensed viewers.

Tullich described the one-on-one as the “number one worst interview” of her
career, with her co-host David Koch adding, “I would have put that orange
somewhere less polite.”

However, Ledger has come forward to apologize, blaming his behavior on his
nerves over the impending birth of his and actress-fiancée Michelle Williams’
first child.

Ledger says, “I’m sorry you were asking me these questions so early and I
hadn’t figured out a way to speak of it in public.

“I apologize for my terrible interview skills.

“I wasn’t prepared to expose stories about something so special and
wonderfully private that is happening in my life. I guess a part of me wishes
that I’d never have to and that maybe I could protect this special time. I was

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