Heather Graham Joins ‘Little In Common’ Pilot

heather grahamHeather Graham is tapped to star in this year’s most generic pilot, Little In Common. The show follows a couple with kids (Graham and co-star Rob Corddry) who move to a new neighborhood and make some eccentric new friends through the local little league. How charmingly predictable! These aforementioned wacky neighbors include a single mother (Alana Ubach) with an unusual approach to child-rearing and a pair of sports nuts (Kevin Hart, Gabrielle Union).

The pilot marks Graham’s first return to TV since short-lived comedy Emily’s Reasons Why Not. The actress also had a recurring role on Scrubs.

Here’s another reason to keep Little In Common on your radar: the show was created by Rob Thomas, the man behind two of the best shows of the new century. Veronica Mars, perhaps the only good thing to come out of UPN, was a thrilling and funny serialized high-school detective show with a heroine that would make Joss Whedon proud, and a first season that ranks among the best TV seasons in history. Party Down, Thomas’ most recent creation, followed a group of Hollywood wannabees working at a catering company in order to pay the bills, had an excellent selection of guest stars, and was absolutely hilarious.

Any other writer, we’d be skeptical of Little In Common, but because of Thomas, I’d recommend giving it a shot.

Source: TVLine