Heidi Klum Goes Nude for ‘Project Runway’

Lifetime Project Runway Heidi KlumHeidi Klum really knows how to give the people what they want. After falling from the its pedestal at the top of pop culture when it first aired, Project Runway is experiencing what I can only equate to that letdown when you first get to college and realize the popularity you cultivated in high school means jack to your new classmates. It’s still a good show, it’s still worth watching, but it’s not nearly the watercooler fodder it once was.

Perhaps that’s why Klum is baring it all (almost) on the new promo poster for the Lifetime series. Klum admits this is the raciest promotion for the fashion series to date, telling The Hollywood Reporter, “I guest you could say ‘Hans and Franz’ are celebrating season nine!” And now you know what Heidi Klum named her breasts. You’re welcome.

The show premieres its ninth season July 28 with familiar faces all in their rightful places. Nina Garcia, Tim Gunn and Michael Kors will be present and it looks like Klum and the gang will see Malin Akerman, Zoe Saldana, Kim Kardashian and Christina Ricci take turns as guest judges and fashion icons during the season. This could be good, folks.

Source: THR

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