Helen Mirren on SNL: The Skits You Missed

I think there are quite a few of us who were looking forward to seeing Helen Mirren on SNL this weekend — though if you were like me, you were also hoping the writers resisted rehashing two-bit British stereotypes like they did when Russell Brand and Elton John both stopped by studio 8H for a little sketch comedy fun. Well, it looks like they were successful, but maybe that’s just because they were cowering the presence of an actual British Dame. Or maybe they just had a few better ideas. Anyway, on to the sketches. For some reason (I’m guessing licensing had something to do with it) the opening monologue featuring an SNL rendition of the South Pacific song, “There’s Nothing Like a Dame,” is no where to be found on NBC’s site, so in lieu of that we’ll show you three other skits that you need to see.

First up, the digital short of all digital shorts. Liz Lemon is finally proved right: Helen Mirren is a wizard. Well, her boobs are magical and that’s pretty much the same thing. The one thing I have to warn you about is the fact that Andy Samberg’s pronunciation of “titties” is probably the single most offensive way I’ve heard that word spoken ever in the history of magical boobs.

As you might know, if you weren’t spending Friday night slinging back jack and cokes into the wee hours of the morning or wandering without perspective on world events because The Daily Show doesn’t air on Fridays, the government shutdown was narrowly avoided on Friday night. Clearly, this is a time for (SNL’s) Fox and Friends to chime in on the development. Okay, so this wasn’t the most inspired sketch. The Fox show is an easy target, but it was incredibly timely (like 24 hours timely) and hey, it’s always fun to make fun of Gretchen Carlson.

Finally, Mirren and company took on the almost homeless miniseries, The Kennedys. After all this back and forth and claims that the Kennedy family was using their extensive network to squash the controversial series from coming out, we found that it actually kind of sucked. Well, here’s SNL’s answer to the “sucky” show: The Roosevelts (now with Helen Mirren’s boobs and lesbian makeouts).