‘Hell On Wheels’ Inside Look: Season Three is Hotter Than Hell — EXCLUSIVE

Hell of Wheels’ third season is about to burn up your television screen. But before you tune into the western drama, check out this exclusive clip (above) in which the characters give us an inside look at the series’ upcoming season.

The AMC drama follows Cullen Bohannon, ex-Confederate soldier, straying from his focus of seeking revenge on those who murdered his wife. At the end of last season, the transcontinental building, hell on wheels, was ablazing. 

Similar to the Hell on Wheels deteriorated state, many of the characters are left in disarray with Bohannan in a state of shock, Eva’s relationship with Elam in the wake of Mr. Toole’s suicide, and Sean in solitude. The upcoming season for Hell on Wheels opens in the year 1867 as the Union Pacific Union follows Bohannon across the country and against the Central Pacific Railroad.

The third season of Hell on Wheels,  which stars Anson Mount, Colm Meaney, and Common rolls onto television Saturday, August 10th at 9/8c with a premiere 2-hour special episode.

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