‘Hell on Wheels’ Sneak: Lily Is Too Much Woman for the Old West — EXCLUSIVE CLIP

There’s nothing quite like a 19th century woman with a crisp accent and the ability to stare down any man who crosses her. Perhaps that’s why Hell on Wheels’ Lily Bell is so intriguing. She feels like a modern day heroine thrown into the mix of male characters on the verge of history — you know, that whole transcontinental railroad nonsense. 

In Hollywood.com’s exclusive clip from Hell on Wheels’ second season, we find Lily rampaging and venting to Durant after the railroad suffers a setback she deems “absolutely unacceptable.” Watch and marvel at her womanly might. Even if she is working with the money-grubbing Durant. 

AMC’s post Civil War adventure premieres August 12 at 9 PM ET. 

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