Hilarious Clips From Tonight’s ‘Maya & Marty’ Premiere

Maya Rudolph and Martin Short are two of the most hilarious entertainers working today. As funny as they can be in movies, sketch comedy is where the two shine. Both Maya and Martin started out their careers on Saturday Night Live, and now they are returning to the sketch comedy world.

‘Maya & Marty’ is an hour-long variety show that premiere tonight on NBC. The two will have on some of the biggest people in entertainment including DrakeTom HanksMiley CyrusLarry David, and more in these sneaks peeks:

In this first clip, Kenan Thompson (as Steve Harvey) introduces his show, Little Big Shot:


In this second clip, Little Big Shots continues, with Martin Short and Jimmy Fallon as young boys Todd and Tanner… that or Tanner and Todd no one knows the difference:


Maya Rudolph then has her sketch where she sells some of Melania’s Edible Diamonds:



Maya & Marty premieres tonight, May 31, 2016, at 10:00 PM

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