The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide For Your Favorite ‘Gilmore Girls’ Addict

Make the holiday season merry for the Gilmore Girls fan in your life. Tired of hearing their thoughts about the revival? These eight gifts are sure to keep them occupied.

Vintage Stars Hollow Poster
For the super-fan wishing they lived in Stars Hollow, this classy gift brings the cozy Connecticut town to the comfort of their home. It's vintage and stylish and sports the iconic steeple and gazebo. Plus, it's oh so pretty! Snag it from WindowShopGal's Etsy for $17.50.
Lauren Graham's New Book  Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between)
In lieu of the show's finale (again), many fans are going through serious withdrawal. Keep the ingenious wit and humor of Lauren Graham in their life by grabbing a copy of her new biography, Talking as Fast as I Can: From Gilmore Girls to Gilmore Girls (and Everything in Between).  Grab a copy from Amazon for $16.80.
Luke's Diner Tumbler
Etsy / Summer Lane Designs
The recipient of your gift doesn't like coffee, you say? If they love the show, they'll still love this simple trinket. Not an episode goes by without Lorelai and Rory stopping by Luke's for a few (or six) cups of joe. Get this classic on-the-go tumbler for the busiest Gilmore Girls fan in your life. Grab this nifty tumbler from SummerLaneDesigns Etsy shop for just  $17.99.
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Life & Death Brigade Sweatshirt
Look Human
Instead of a simple Gilmore Girls logo, this comfy present pays tribute to the show in a subtle way. Featuring the motto of Rory and Logan's secret club at Yale, a Life & Death sweatshirt is sure to keep its wearer cozy with warmth and nostalgia. (This one is a must for anyone #TeamLogan.) Get yours from Look Human for $29.99.
Rory's Reading List Poster
Etsy / NeigbourlyLove

Know a bookworm who is also a fan of this fast-talking TV series? Center your next gift around the show's smartest, bookiest Gilmore girl. Rory's reading list hosts all of the literature references throughout the seasons. It's a poster that's equal parts decor and inspiration for their next read. (This one might appeal to fans who are #TeamJess.) Snag it now from NeighbourlyLove's Etsy for just $19.32.

The Gilmore Girls Companion
Barnes & Noble

You'll score big points for adding this guidebook to any fan's collection. The companion gives readers a behind-the-scenes look at the making of Gilmore Girls, with exclusive interviews, photos, and more. You can get it over at Amazon for $29.89.

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'Lorelai To My Rory' Mug
Etsy / InstantGoodVibes
If mom is the biggest fan you know, snag one of the many decorative mother/daughter mugs. Even if you both finished binging A Year in the Life, you can still bond over an excessive amount of coffee. Head to InstantGoodVibes Etsy shop to get to mugs for $20.41. Looking to find the perfect gift for your bestie? Check out these "Lorelai to my Sookie" mugs too.
Gilmore Girls Complete DVD Box Set
Whether they loved or loathed the revival's last four words, your favorite Stars Hollow fanatic is sure to adore going back to the beginning. The complete box set of the original seven seasons might be a bit pricy, but any true Gilmore Girls fan would go ga-ga over adding this gem to their movie shelf. Grab it on Amazon for $143.00 (Oy, with the Netflix streaming already!)