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We’ve all done it. At some point or another we all have perched in front of our precious TV screens and let out a small sigh of disappointment because we will never be able to visit the beloved towns that our favorite characters fight and fall in love in. They feel so real and sometimes we feel like we’re living there too. We know the town gossip, the best places to eat, the steamiest make-out spots and the coolest hangouts.

Over the years, avid TV watchers like ourselves have become so attached to these fictitious cities that we’ve started overanalyzing imagining the small details and questioning life’s important small-screen questions: What does coffee from Central Perk taste like? Which town has better pies: Twin Peaks or Coeur d’Coeurs? Is Agrestic really the best of the bestic? And what does a girl have to do to get an invite to the Annual Stars Hollow Winter Carnival?!

These are the questions that keep the Hollywood.com staff up at night. So to help celebrate your love for your favorite non-existent settings, we’ve compiled our top 20 TV towns that we wish (with all our hearts) were real. Did your favorites make the cut? Check out our gallery below but be warned, you will get homesick!

20 TV Towns We Wish Were Real

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