‘Homeland’ Recap: Driving Mr. Brody


Brody, whisked away in a helicopter to Abu Nazir; Carrie, acting irresponsible and disregarding direct orders from her superiors. Homeland ended last week with quasi-grand soap opera shenanigans, and it’s good to see the show in a much more grounded headspace this week. We’re basically gearing up for the finale (how is that even possible – can this show please slow down so it doesn’t have to ever leave?), and all of the missing pieces are starting to fall into place; “starting” being the operative word here… Carrie’s eyes are very open and she’s breathing like she’s about to go into labor – it has been 12 hours since Brody disappeared into the chopper, 8 hours since Roya returned to her normal life. Carrie blurts out that if Brody isn’t already physically dead, there’s no doubt he’s operationally dead. I mean, she’s right. Estes and Saul decide their smartest move is to bring Roya in, and it just so happens that we have a handy camera pointed on the entrance of her condo building downtown. The magic of modern espionage.

Brody is, quite obviously, still alive; if Brody is going to die this season, we are going to watch that death in all its gritty-giddy horror. Instead, Brody is being dropped off in the middle of Baltimore by Nazir & Co. Hey, maybe I’m finally getting that crossover episode with The Wire I’ve dreamed of! Instead, Brody borrows a woman’s phone at the local deli; she thinks she recognizes Brody, and Brody says “umm… no” to solve the entire situation. Darn, those Baltimore residents sure are easy to fool! I’m from Maryland, and this is some sketchy-ass version of Baltimore. I mean, Showtime, this was kind of a bust. I’m sorry. 

PHOTOS: TV’s Most Moving Deaths Brody calls Carrie, and she’s like – “YOU ARE ALIVE ARE YOU KIDDING ME.” Duh, Carrie. The pick-up on Roya is dropped immediately; Brody says he’ll have all the information about his rendezvous as soon as he knows his family is in a safe place. Carrie puts those wheels in motion; 4 minutes later, “Uncle” Mike is picking up Jessica, Dana, and Chris to move them to a CIA safe house. Dana is acting like she is the most important person on the show, barely opening her mouth to speak because angst makes her lips really heavy. Dana wants her father to come explain his actions, which is kind of a lot to ask from Brody at the moment. Dana, you cannot make demands because you killed someone! Remember that! Dana, you also need a haircut soon… Salome from True Blood is back, once again disguised as a nice CIA operative, doing a fantastic job hiding her fangs, breasts, and adoration for Lilith; Salome is running the safe house, and Chris Brody finally gets to talk about how much he loves television. Character development for the throwaway son! Meanwhile, Virgil and Max are up to their snooping magic, breaking into Quinn’s apartment; Carrie wanted to keep an eye on the man, and the two sneaky-sneaks were finally able to track down a stable living location for the hottie analyst. It turns out Quinn owns maybe three things, including tools to clean a rifle and a picture of a woman with a baby. The picture is our biggest clue to Quinn’s past, which the rifle cleaning gadgets make him look real sketchy. The woman is named Julia Diaz, and Saul will track down our mysterious maiden in Philadelphia. PHOTOS: 13 Biggest Cop-Outs on TV Brody knows that his family is safe, so he meets Carrie in the parking lot where they boned, once upon a time. This is a really magical episode. Carrie holds Brody’s hand, but they do not touch tongues, so things are under control. Brody unleashes that Abu Nazir is on American soil, and Carrie’s eyeballs just about melt out of her brain. Brody’s taken into the CIA bunker and he tells about his missing hours – Nazir’s attack is aimed at the homecoming of 300 soldiers; the Vice President and Brody are hosting the event, and Brody is supposed to convince our awful VP that Roya should be given clearance to cover the event. Roya will broadcast everyone exploding and Nazir will win. Yikes. Brody also forgets to tell everyone that he prayed to Allah with Nazir, which is potentially bad news because Brody’s faith has also been a centering mechanism for his connection with Issa. Ultimately, can we trust Brody? Is he only telling part of the truth from his meeting with Nazir? Is this all part of the plan, to distract from some greater terror? Carrie says that they have to let this scenario play out, so obviously everyone will listen and follow her lead. As crazy as she is, Carrie’s hunches are usually pretty spot-on. Brody and Carrie have a moment alone (except for the security cameras), and Brody asks Carrie if she believes his story; it’s an erotically charged moment for the two of them (and everyone watching on the security cameras), because these two have a thing for trust – trust is better than explicit motel sex. At the safe house – Dana is being a brat, Mike is looking hot, Jessica needs to fire her hairdresser, and Chris knows how to set the table. We are learning a lot about Chris Brody in these close quarters. Back on Brody, Estes is filling in the VP with all of the Nazir/Roya details (Nazir/Roya sounds like the worst presidential ticket in the history of the universe); Brody has to pretend that the news is a surprise, to protect his cover. Brody loves playing along, his little mouth making something of a suppressed grin. Brody calls Roya to let her know that she’ll have access to the homecoming, and she instructs Brody where to stand so he’s outside of the blast radius. This thing is happening. 
Saul heads off to Philly to investigate Julia; she’s easy to track, as she is a member of the police force in Philly. Saul arrives at the station, pretending to come from the IRS (wonky cover), and the two have a very clipped exchange about “John” and their child together. Julia isn’t letting anything slip. Saul’s eyeballs are very large. Saul uses the vague conversation so that Julia will contact Quinn, and Quinn will make some sort of move on his end; it works, and Virgil follows Quinn out the door. Quinn chats with an old man on the bus. Max takes a bunch of pictures of Quinn. Quinn Quinn Quinn. Something fishy is happening here. Jessica is resting at the safe house, wearing one of the 893 nightgowns she owns. Seriously, this woman has more semi-naughty nighttime lingerie than any other woman outside of the Playboy Mansion. Jessica cannot sleep, so she decides to walk into Mike’s room and get naked. Nipples! Surprise! The two have fantastic sex, where the bedding rides right at the top of Mike’s asscrack. Beautiful. What a night. Safe house, indeed. This tryst is met with an adorable after-moment – Jessica oversleeps in Mike’s bed, sneaks back to her own bed, and still finds her kids fast asleep. No soap opera histrionics from Dana. It’s a good morning for huevos rancheros. Yummy. Saul and Quinn have an odd exchange when Saul returns from his little spy mission – “Where have you been? You look wasted.” “I’m just old.” Saul really is the best. I don’t care if he’s the mole. I really don’t. As Quinn leaves, Saul identifies the other man from the bus – his name is something like Dar Adul or Road Dahl, you pick. Dar Adul is a CIA mastermind, and Saul basically jacks off to the picture he’s so in love. Quinn isn’t a bad guy? There’s more to this mission than we thought. Quinn has an agenda, and it might just be a more righteous agenda than the rest of our team. PHOTOS: Sophomore Slump: Terrible Season Twos It’s the BIG DAY of the Roya attack. Quinn is heading out to meet the FBI in the field; Saul freaks, but Estes calms everyone down – Quinn will be wearing “two hats” today; “he’s here to kill terrorists, Saul.” Hmm. WHAT IS HAPPENING. Carrie is following Roya on the ground, and we stop at a small breakfast diner; Roya heads inside, while the Gettysburg Killer and a few other henchmen switch out camera batteries from the news truck. It seems these are the explosives that were picked up in Gettysburg, a good solid chunk of explosives disguised as massive camera batteries. The CIA calls it in, and the team swoops down – SUVs block the exists, operatives nab Roya in the diner, and snipers on neighboring roofs take down runaways. The terrorist vehicle is flipped; while it becomes clear that Nazir is not in the vehicle, everything else went according to plan – the terrorist team is in custody, the explosion will not happen, Carrie was in control every step of the way. Carrie was a beast here, finally showing why she’s the best of the best. It’s a beautiful thing when Homelandgives us such a crisp, clean win. The show’s needed something so straightforward and powerful after weeks of awkwardly mushy hairpin turns with humans screeching at one another. No secondary explosions. No diversions, as far as we know. Just a nice fat victory. Yes – a battle, not the war, but we’ll take it. NOW. The Quinn reveal. Quinn is literally wearing a hat… a chauffer hat? He’s driving a limo? Quinn is parked in Brody’s driveway? Huh? Estes is on the phone with Quinn, waiting to confirm that Nazir was taken down. Quinn holds a pistol in his lap. Brody gets in the limo. Estes lets Quinn know that Nazir is not in custody, and that Quinn has to hold off… Quinn is a CIA assassin. Quinn is on the team to kill Brody after Nazir has been apprehended. IMPORTANT THINGS HAPPEN IN CARS. Carrie is not going to like this development. Homeland unfurls this twist with quick wit and a big smile, deftly showing us Quinn’s place in the grand scheme before needing to (literally) pull the trigger. I love a happy twist! Quinn still plays for our team! Things just got really interesting, and Homelandjust delivered the best episode in weeks. No more make-out sessions in the woods, we’re on to the big leagues with this deceptively quiet outing. I mean, I loved this episode so much that I want to take it (or just Quinn?) to the woods for a make-out session. [Photo Credit: Showtime] More: ‘Homeland’ Recap: Riding In Cars With Terrorists ‘Homeland’ Recap: Room With a View You Might Also Like: Chris Brown twitterChris Brown Makes NSFW Poop-Related Insults, Deletes Twitter Account