‘House’ Finale: ‘Once Upon a Time’ Star Jennifer Morrison Returns to Princeton-Plainsboro

Jennifer MorrisonAs the end of House nears, Fox is amassing as many old cast members as it can to return for the series finale, which is titled “Everybody Dies. The latest to hop on the bandwagon is Once Upon a Time star Jennifer Morrison, who played Dr. Allison Cameron on the medical drama for six seasons. And now that she’s on board, there’s only one holdout left: Lisa Edelstein, known to Princeton-Plainsboro aficionados as Cuddy.

It was previously announced that Olivia Wilde would be returning for the final episode as her Huntington’s Disease-stricken former doc, Dr. Remy “Thirteen” Hadley. Her permanent departure from the show came after Dr. House fired her, afraid that his dying employee would opt to waste her final days on Earth working for him, rather than spending them happily with her girlfriend. Other returning players include Amber Tamblyn, who played Dr. Martha Masters on the show’s seventh season. Most curiously, former series regular Kal Penn will also be back for the finale, despite the fact that his character, Dr. Lawrence Kutner, killed himself in the fifth season. Presumably, Penn will return as a projection of Dr. House’s imagination, as he did in the Season 5 finale.

So what’s the deal, Cuddy? Would it be so much to ask for you to come back, maybe patch things up with the doc, give some element of a peaceful, happy ending to the characters and the fans? Morrison’s coming, and she has fairy tale curses to break!


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