Housewife Danielle Staub Gets A Show On WealthTV

danielle staubDanielle Staub may have left her fellow New Jersey housewives chained up in the back of a shoddily upholstered Cadillac somewhere in an attempt to prove she’s better than them, but she hasn’t gone too far. The Hollywood Reporter claims Staub will star on her own new show, called Social. It will air on WealthTV, an HD cable channel that’s probably part of some cable package, which means it’s definitely more widely available than executives would like to be. Staub told HollywoodLife Social will feature the stuff we really care about, like billionaires and how they give money to charities when their wives have called them out on spending money on nothing but clawfoot tubs.

Staub is taping the first episode of Social tomorrow, and has signed on to tape 26 more. She’s also working on getting another show (that has yet to be picked up by a network, but ABC has “talked” about it), which she calls her “spinoff,” but that implies she contributed something significant in the first place — a statement I am not here to disprove. And she’s not afraid of dragging her kids down the WealthTV (King Tut’s tomb is less gaudy!) train, as her two daughters will appear on both the “spinoff” and the Social show.

So if you don’t get WealthTV now, be sure and sign up for it because it’s the only way you can get your dose of billionaires and the parties they go to (that they don’t really want to go to), and to find out who best doctors are to do your eyebrows once you’ve hit it big.

Source: THR