Wynn Duffy, How And Why Are You Still Alive?

Wynn Duffy, JustifiedFX

FX’s Justified is filled with a world of tough guys ready to gut you for drugs, territory, money, or in some cases, just for fun. Only Raylan Givens (Timothy Olyphant) and his U.S. marshal associates have enough know how and muscle to keep these bad guys in check.

But there is one bottom feeder who somehow rises to the top of the evil food chain: Wynn Duffy. Played by Jere Burns, Duffy is a treacherous man who consistently snakes his way through life.

Many foes have fallen victim to Raylan’s quick-draw, shoot-em-up tactics. Raylan doesn’t miss. Naturally, the sneaky Duffy has never seriously tried to step to Raylan. Duffy has backup to do that.

And that backup is always there. Duffy may talk tough, but he himself is harmless. It’s always his thugs that do all the roughhousing.

In the world of criminals, Duffy is the least likely to flex actual muscle. He’s a businessman who happens to work on the wrong side of the law. His goons deal with law enforcement and baddies while he keeps his hands clean.

Next time Duffy waves his gun around and threatens anybody, you know that he won’t throw the first punch. And that is the key to his survival. He’s alive because he doesn’t puff up his chest and get ready.

Duffy is a calculating fiend who has somehow teamed up with Boyd Crowder (Walton Goggins) to control heroin distribution in Kentucky. Boyd isn’t afraid to get his hands dirty. Wynn Duffy hasn’t proven that he can. Not yet.