‘How I Met Your Mother’ Recap: Oh Honey

S06E15: Well this is a relief. After two weeks of gut wrenching seriousness, we get some sweet comic relief and we’re closer to finally meeting the mother.

“Oh honey!” -Everyone, everywhere

The big story this week was of course Katy Perry’s guest appearance. Now, I’m a stark Katy Perry defender. I think were it not for Lady Gaga’s admittedly superior musical talents and theatrics, Katy Perry would be the biggest pop star in the world at the moment. Her music is pure sugar – infectious pop music with the perfect balance of sexual teasing and innocence (just kidding, she has a great rack). Also, anyone that likes Russell Brand enough to marry him is fine by me.

But Katy Perry on HIMYM? Ugh. Now the show has utilized guest stars well (particularly female pop stars, my favorite is still Britney Spears), but Katy Perry bit it. For having such a strong and powerful singing voice, her speaking voice on this episode was weak, flat, nasally, and annoying. Granted, this was probably highly intentional considering she was playing the airheads of airheads, but it didn’t work for me. She needs to stick with the roles that have her playing Katy Perry (as she did on The Simpsons or Sesame Street) or at the very least wear more revealing clothing. Just saying.

“Er ee er ee er ee er ee eree eree eree eree ereeereeeree” -Barney

Now as for the episode; it’s not a bad one. HIMYM is at its best when right as it’s about to tug on your heart strings it cuts it away with a gag. This week’s running gag was Marshall stuck on the phone being caught up with everyone since he is still stuck in Minnesota. This particular framing device worked well from a narrative stand point (we grow as excited as Marshall does since he and his family basically take the audience’s place in the story), but it was also used well for comedic purposes. Marshall’s older brother, while not the best actor in the world, definitely gets the prize for most exuberance.

The other running gag was Barney’s impression of a bed squeaking. (Two times counts as running right? Your mom thought so HEYO!) As a testament to Neil Patrick Harris’ comedic timing, he perfectly inflected each squeak. (Now there’s a sentence I didn’t think I would write today.)

“They’re kissing!” -Everyone, everywhere

But all that is blah, blah, blah to the big news – ZOEY AND TED ARE GETTING IT ON! We’ve known Ted has had feelings for her for a while, and we’ve thought she did too and we finally see that she is getting a divorce which means one thing: Locked lips! Another fantastic, sweet, little moment for HIMYM and a refreshing dose after the last two weeks’ gulps of sadness.

Now, I like Zoey; she won me over this week with the line “I’ll take you up on that beer you’re about to offer me.” I’d be perfectly fine if she turned out to be the mother, but if Zoey is the mother, then this buildup is strange. Maybe I just read it wrong, but I thought it would be a kind of love-at-first-sight kind of deal. However, considering how “real” HIMYM tries to be, I can easily rule that out. Then again, I can also keep it in. Perhaps at this wedding, Zoey will appear with the yellow umbrella and Ted will finally see her as the woman he wants to marry? I don’t know how I feel about that ending, but it does make more sense then just seeing someone for the first time. Then again, maybe Zoe is a red-herring and it’s someone we’ve yet to meet? That would be kind of disappointing considering how much we’ve spent learning about Zoey and (most of us) started liking her. To have that ripped out from under us and forced to like someone else would be a shame. Either way, the writers have created quite the buildup and time is dwindling. I’m excited.