‘How I Met Your Mother’ Teases the Big Reveal in the Upcoming Season Finale

Credit: CBS

Okay, guys. This might be it. I know we’ve gotten our hopes up before. I know it’s a fool’s errand to believe. But maybe, just maybe, this upcoming Season 8 finale of How I Met Your Mother is the episode in which we, the long-suffering viewing audience, finally meet her. There have been promises that the season would conclude with an introduction to the future Mrs. Mosby… and yes, we mean the sort of promises that deadbeat dads in movies like Angels in the Outfield make. But just call us all wide-eyed 8-year-old Joseph Gordon-Levitts, because we need to believe that she’s coming. Soon. We’ve just… we’ve invested so much time.

This new HIMYM clip promoting the final episode of the season does tease a big reveal, but without going into much (or any detail). Could it be her? Or, at the very least, another clue about who she might be? In any event, we know she’s not Casey Wilson, as previously suspected. A second clip introduces Wilson as a separate character in the upcoming episode: one who earns the title of Barney and Robin’s arch enemy. Watch below!

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