‘How I Met Your Mother’ Season Finale Recap: Challenge Accepted

S06E24: Well, now we know what Barney will be up to a year (or so) from now on How I Met Your Mother. I don’t want to say I told you so but…

I told you so! I told you so! Well, I kinda told you so! I halfway told you so!

“And kids, that’s how I met your mother.” – Ted

“Psyche, that was just some chick.” – Ted

Ted is having self doubt once they start to build the new bank, or rather when the Arcadian is about to implode, because lord forbid he actually have a chance for us to like him and grow a spine. Apparently whenever the smallest thing goes wrong for him immediately following a break up, he jumps right back into the arms of his ex. But Robin and Barney are as smart as we are and they balk at the thought, so they scheme to stop him.

Since we knew this episode ended with someone’s wedding, something happened between the two of them as they discussed the merits of rekindling a relationship. Their conversation just oozed with subtext and unsaid feelings and GAHHHH WHY WOULDN’T THEY JUST SAY HOW THEY FEEL ABOUT EACH OTHER (which will probably be the theme of next season)? Barney said a few weeks ago that Robin was the only one that got him and that look she was giving him as Barney hit it off with Nora was so sad. Let’s just go ahead and start shipping them together.

Luckily, they catch Ted right before he gives an orchid to Zoey and he grows some balls. He presses the button and out with the old, in with the new! Also, those were some pretty impressive graphics (for a sitcom) of the Arcadian imploding, I dug it.

“Get sick, get a free gallon of soup.” – Lily

Meanwhile, Marshall and Lily eat some (I’ll be honest, delicious sounding) soup, but Lily gets sick. Fearing that he only has three hours left before blowing chunks he tries to live out the best life. But since getting an interview for his dream job is the worst possible place for him to be spewing forth his guts, he gets the call he’s been waiting on. Now I’m not one for not using a fart/barf noise at every possible possibility but comparing it to the velociraptor from Jurassic Park? That was a somewhat intelligent vomit gag. And that’s hard to do.

Marshall’s interview doesn’t go so well, but that’s kinda overshadowed at the end by the fact that LILY’S PREGGO!!! OMG!!! FINALLY!!! An interesting thematic similarity bridged this episode with the wonderful Bad News. In that one we saw a background countdown to horrible news, whereas in this one we had an explicit countdown (which ended up not mattering) ending with wonderful news. The contrast is subtle, I admit, but pleasant nevertheless. And I’m willing to bet if the baby is a boy they name it after Marshall’s father.

“Can I borrow an adult diaper?” – Marshall

Just like that, we’ve reached the end of the sixth season. It was quite a bumpy episode, filled with terrific episodes that will go down as some of the best HIMYM ever but also with one of the worst relationships ever. Barney has never been better but Ted is on the verge of our last nerve. Unfortunately, I believe this season was a filler season and even though we’re only the teensiest bit closer to knowing who the mother is, the next two seasons should provide more answers. And well, even though answers aren’t the reason we watch the show, when the writers know where they are heading they tend to bring out better episodes (which is the real reason we watch the show).

Now onto the theories! Yeah, it’s definitely Robin that Barney is marrying. It has to be. Robin is going to crush after him all next season while things get super serious with Nora. That’ll definitely be fun to watch unravel. Perhaps the birth of Lily’s child would put a definite time for Ted to meet the mother? After all, Lily definitely wasn’t pregnant at the wedding so that’s definitely part of a clue. But besides that, there isn’t that much for us to guess at that point. I kinda feel like the writers could sense all of our frustrations with Ted at this point and the Arcadian seemed to represent that. Now that building is kablamo and we can start over with something fresh. Should be welcome.

I’ve really enjoyed getting into How I Met Your Mother with you guys. It’s definitely become one of my favorite sitcoms and recapping it for you has been fun. Next season should be fun, see you then!