10 Ideas for ‘How I Met Your Mother’ That Would Be Less Terrible Than Their Upcoming ‘Rhyming Episode’

How I Met Your Mother rhyming episodeCBS

It’s no secret that How I Met Your Mother has been scrambling for ideas recently. Back in the days of Season 2, Episode 9 (stone cold classic “Slap Bet”) an entire episode was easily built around multiple gimmicks and had plenty of space for great jokes and a good story. But now, interrupting what’s been a pretty solid late-season string of episodes will be one told entirely in rhyme, according to an interview with Cobie Smulders/Robin Scherbatsky.  

Well, that could not be lamer. Is that really the best they could come up with? No. It’s not. In fact, here are 10 ideas that would be less terrible than an entire episode of television told in rhyme. 

1. How about a live episode? All of the actors have sufficient experience to perform well on the spot. 

2. A Look Who’s Talking homage where fast-talking baby Marvin has all the answers to the pesky problems plaguing his parents and their friends.  

3. Murder mystery episode. Lightning storm outside, Barney, after recieving a huge bonus at work, is dead on the floor, and one of the five friends in Ted’s living room is responsible. Was it Dr. X? Find out by the end of the episode. 

4. The kids leave the couch. We’ve seen them in Kick-Ass and Wizards of Waverly Place, so we know they can walk. What happens when they can’t skip any more school and have to leave the safety of the couch?

5.  Ranjeet drives Jay-Z to the airport — in real time. 

6. Everyone speaks in Pig Latin to torture Robin after they discover it doesn’t exist in Canada. How different is that from a rhyming episode? Not that much! But it’s less terrible!

7. An episode following the various parents — Chris Elliott, Frances Conroy, Ray Wise, etc. — as they form a Fight Club. Elliott is of course out immediately, but surprisingly, Conroy is the one who wins it all in the end. 

8. An episode replaced by Ted messing around on the Internet for 22 minutes. Highlights include him obsessively rewatching every Robin Sparkles and baby panda videos and Googling “is architecture a real job?” 

9. Hey, we haven’t seen that pineapple in several seasons now. Let’s find out what’s it’s been up to — in real time! 

10. Every character replaced by a goat.