The Netflix Dilemma: How to Cure Your Indecision and Pick Something Good


It’s happened to all of us: the moment you realize you’ve spent the past forty minutes scrolling through the new releases and every genre section of Netflix but you still have no idea what to watch. Then you switch over to the Just For Kids section because maybe — just maybe — you might want to watch The Magic School Bus. But then you change your mind. Again. So how do you get out of that rut and cure your indecision?

Well, if you’re organized and utilize the Instant Queue, try starting from the top and working your way down. Or you could pick something at random off your queue or in the particular genre of your choice (c’mon, you can make that simple decision, right?)

But maybe you’re looking for something you’re guaranteed to love. Why not try checking out that TV show or movie your friend or coworker recommended? If they can be trusted to give advice about important things like your love or work life, they can be trusted with something as crucial as what to watch.

Or you can always turn to the Internet for Netflix recommendations. For instance, we suggest Scandal, Continuum, and Lost Girl if you’re looking for some fantastic, binge-worthy TV. 

If nothing else works, maybe just tell yourself to cut the indecisive crap and put something on. Or, turn Netflix off entirely; there’s always Hulu.