The Final Season of ‘Nikita’ Ended, But How Was It?

NikitaThe CW

While we were all celebrating the holidays, travelling to see the relatives, and enjoying festive food and drinks, The CW aired the final episode of its spy drama Nikita. When fans of the series heard the final season would only consist of six measly episodes, it was like a swift kick to the gut by the show’s star. 

Before the season began, we speculated that the writers behind Nikita would be able to pull off the mini-season. Now that it’s over, we can confirm that they were certainly able to wrap up all the loose ends left by season three. Each of the six episodes was used to its full potential in order to give the fans a fast-paced, exciting, and satisfying finale.

While there wasn’t really a final battle in the last episode as many suspected, we got some serious spy work — Nikita and her friends finally outwitted Amanda, and it was awesome. Of course, the final season wasn’t all fun and games (is Nikita ever?) We lost one of the main players and it was an emotional scene. (We’ll refrain from spoiling you, because you should definitely watch!)

The final scenes of the last episode also reveal what happens to the characters after they beat Amanda and The Group. It’s hard not to draw comparison to Burn Notice (about another rogue spy) who closes the finale relaxing on a couch with his family. While the gang may spend some time relaxing, they can never totally get out of the spy game, which is part of the reason why we love them.

The only complaint we have — and it’s tiny, we promise — is that we wish the season had been a little bit longer. Actually we would have preferred a couple more seasons, but that’s not exactly possible. Still, we’re sad to see Nikita go, even if it was a good finale.