How Will Rutina Wesley Return to ‘True Blood’?

Rutina WesleySo, if you caught the season finale of True Blood, you might have noticed a slight injury incurred by Rutina Wesley’s character, Tara. In case you missed it, and are for some reason reading this super-spoiler article anyway, here’s what happened: she got her brains shot out. And, since she’s one of the few mortals in the show, we should safely and logically assume that she is dead.

But it wouldn’t be True Blood if we could just rely on safe, logical assumptions. As Rutina Wesley told TVLine, she most certainly will be retuning to True Blood in the fifth season. She just has no idea in what form.

It’s not certain whether she’ll be reprising her role as Tara—perhaps, she’ll be healed by the restorative powers of vampire blood (although Wesley stated that she doubts even that could fix Tara’s colossal problem of not having a brain anymore); maybe Tara will return as a ghost, only able to communicate with medium characters. Of course, it’s very possible that Rutina will take on another role entirely. There could be any number of explanations for this: possession, wiccan spell, evil-twin.

In whatever form she does end up taking, fans can rest assured that Rutina Wesley will return to True Blood next season…which is more than we can say for a handful of other characters as of the season finale. Click here to read the full recap of True Blood‘s Season Four finale “And When I Die.”

Source: TVLine