How Will Snooki’s Pregnancy Affect ‘Jersey Shore?’

jersey shoreNow that news has broken (once again) about Snooki’s evident pregnancy, it’s hard not to immediately wonder what this will all mean for MTV’s Jersey Shore.

There are just so many questions to consider, like, what will happen to Snooki? Will she still remain on the show and, if so, in what capacity? Could this mean the end for the show entirely? The possible outcomes are endless.

While there’s certainly a fair chance our favorite guidette could remain on the show, it’s hard to predict how well that would all go over among MTV fans. Snooki is known for her excessive partying and outlandish drinking, two things usually frowned upon for most mothers-to-be. So if she’s not out table dancing or making countless drunken mistakes, then who is she? Staying home on a Saturday night eating a jar of pickles wouldn’t exactly be all that riveting to watch week after week.

Even if she did decide to go out with the crew, it could lead to a complete ratings disaster. We all know Snooki isn’t exactly known for her self control. Remember a few weeks ago when she went on antibiotics for her UTI and wasn’t allowed to drink? She couldn’t even last one full day, so there’s a big chance she wouldn’t be able to restrain herself even when pregnant, which could lead to a negative reaction from fans. It’s certainly not the best way to condone smart parenting (unless you look at it from a “What Not To Do” angle). A drunk Snooki is hilarious, but a drunk, pregnant Snooki could keep viewers from tuning in altogether.

Of course, that’s not to say a sober, pregnant Snooki wouldn’t hold a certain level of amusement on the show, especially while going through pregnancy hormones and mood swings. And it would definitely be amusing to see how this would all affect her housemates as well, having to cater to her every demand. However, it still seems like the bad will outweigh the good since most of the Shore’s plot centers around drinking and going out. If the gang is one meatball short then it affects the dynamic of the entire house, and not for the better.

Like it or not, this could mean a drastic change for our beloved Shore-ites. The network will be forced to either change the very essence of what the show is about or eliminate an essential member of the cast. One thing’s for sure, though: Jersey Shore will never be quite the same.

And let’s not forget Snooks Jersey Shore spin-off show with Jenni “JWoww” Farley, which has already begun taping in Jersey City, NJ. (Note: the show was originally going to to set up shop in Hoboken, but had to relocate after city residents complained about their presence). The untitled spin-off is supposed to focus on the girls’ relationship as friends and roommates, along with any other adventures that come their way. And while a pregnancy could be considered an adventure, it’s doubtful mommy duty is what the network producers had in mind. This show may end before it even had the chance to get started.

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