Howie Mandel Is A Proud Dad: Late Last Night

Howie Mandel, the devoted father, talked about a fine contraption called “booty pop” on Leno last night, which is a device women put in their jeans to enhance themselves. He also recounted his misadventures trying on swimsuits, and promoted his son’s show on the Sci-Fi channel by showing a clip of his son waking up his cousin like a jackass.

Aubrey Plaza

, of NBC’s Parks and Recreation recalled the few days she acted as an NBC page before she was asked to leave and never return.

Jason Bateman, of almost every funny movie except the upcoming The Switch, told Jimmy Fallon about his addiction to the iPhone game, Words with Friends. He also talked about how, even though he’s turned into the guy who plays on his iPhone while his wife washes the dishes and his daughter sleeps soundly upstairs, a simple Google search of his name used to take you to a gay porn site.

And Kieran Culkin, of Scott Pilgrim Vs The World, talked about how acting seems to be in his family and revealed some little known secrets about his small part alongside his brother Macaulay Culkin in Home Alone, as the brother who vomits pizza but gets to go to New York anyway.