5 Reasons Why Huck Is Everyone’s Favorite ‘Scandal’ Gladiator

Huck, ScandalABC

Guillermo Díaz has taken on a lot of memorable roles over the years. Scarface from Half Baked, the Wrap It Up guy (among many other characters) from Chappelle’s Show, and of course Guillermo from Weeds. But from this point on, most people will simply recognize him as Huck from Scandal. Kerry Washington‘s character Olivia Pope may be the star, but there have been countless episodes where Huck stole the show. Here are a few reasons why Huck is everyone’s favorite Gladiator.

His Throwback Beard Is Everything
It may sound strange, but if you’re a true Scandal fan, Homeless Huck always gets you excited. Before Olivia took him in, Huck was just a former B6-13 agent, living in the subway, and rocking one helluva beard.

You Gotta Love A Guy Who Goes To AA Meetings For Killing People

We all need a safe space to address our vices and addictions, and for Huck that safe space is AA. But there’s something really hilarious about watching him open up about the “whiskey” he had the other night, when we know full well that “whiskey” was actually a person he tortured and killed. Gotta love Huck.

Before He Was A Killer, He Was Actually The Sweetest Guy Ever

Well, to be fair, Huck is still the sweetest guy ever…just with a few tics. But before he was recruited by the CIA he was a husband (a fact he’d completely forgotten after some light-to-heavy brainwashing). And none of us can forget that episode (“752”!) where it all came back to him and we got to meet his son. Baby Huck makes Big Huck even more lovable.

He Totally Turned Quinn Out

When Huck took Quinn under his wing last season it was adorable. The two of them teamed up, and were hacking into networks and Gladiating all over DC. Huckleberry Quinn was short-lived but it was fun while it lasted. Towards the end of season two Huck was so damaged after being water boarded for killing the President (he was later cleared), and after that crazy chick Becky killed off his whole faux family, he couldn’t even torture Billy to get that pesky cytron card! When Quinn took over and got a taste of the B6-13 lifestyle, Huck knew he’d created a monster and this season that monster is only getting worse. Quinn is now becoming one of the more fascinating characters on Scandal, and it’s all thanks to Huck.

He’s Olivia’s Favorite (Sorry, Other Gladiators)

Let’s be real. Liv loves all of her Gladiators and they’d all follow her over a cliff, but she and Huck have something special. We’ve seen the two of them share some seriously tender moments — like when Olivia was the only one who could get him to talk about his family when all Huck could say for an entire episode was “7:52.” Their special connection is one of the reasons we all keep tuning in to Scandal.