Hugh Grant Almost Replaced Charlie Sheen on ‘Two and A Half Men’

Hugh Grant Two and a Half MenSo, this disaster was narrowly avoided. Last night, negotiations broke down between Hugh Grant and Chuck Lorre for a potential deal that would bring Grant on board to replace Charlie Sheen on Two and a Half Men. Grant ducked out on the $1 million per episode deal over “creative differences” at the last minute.

Well, why are we talking about this besides the sheer fact that it’s shocking and we’re all happy it didn’t go through (I’m assuming)? It signals a few important things. Number one: Lorre and friends are in a bit of a bind, and by that I mean they’re totally screwed. Number two: next week, CBS hopes to announce a replacement as part of the network’s upfronts (a big showing of all their fall offerings in hopes that advertisers will buy some commercial time “upfront”) and unless they’ve got something else (or someone else) up their sleeves, it’s looking like they may just be S.O.L.

Personally, I think they’re S.O.L. whether they have a replacement or not. Without Sheen’s antics — even if a new guy jumps in with new antics — there’s really not much left for the long-running show to do. I say they call time of death and come up with something else — then again, I’m not a Two and a Half Men fan. Poor Jon Cryer.

Source: TV Line