Hugh Hefner Won’t Continue to Narrate ‘The Playboy Club’

HUgh HefnerDespite creating the namesake for NBC’s new show, The Playboy Club, Hugh Hefner won’t really be a part of the series moving forward. As it stands now, you can probably recognize the naked-photo tycoon’s voice in the promos and in the opening and closing of the show, but other than a few small appearances, it looks like that will be the extent of his involvement.

The producers are looking to eliminate the use of narration in the show altogether, which would mean Hugh Hefner’s Gossip Girl intros over the beginning and the end of the episodes will likely not continue past the pilot. This is probably for the best considering this show isn’t exactly dealing with a handful of unruly teenagers. Like we mentioned, the Playboy founder will pop up here and there, but it’s unclear in what capacity. At the ripe old age of 85, he certainly couldn’t dab on a little makeup and play himself. Which means he’ll probably have to wear something other than his iconic robe or captain’s hat. Imagine that.

Source: TVGuide