Hulu Must-Series ‘X-Men: Evolution’

X-Men EvolutionWB

X-Men: Evolution opts for a teenage take on the popular comic book heroes. Despite giving the popular characters a younger make-over, the series does not lack in cinematic special effects, fresh and entertaining storylines, and plenty of mutant action. The follow up series Wolverine and the X-Men  also gives some nods to this series as well.

The X-Men study under the tutelage of adults Professor X, Storm, Wolverine and later Beast. The teenagers must be secretive about their mutant abilities and attend a normal human high school. Mystique runs the Brotherhood Group Home where she mentors the evil mutants we know from the comics. The series brings in popular storylines from the X-Men canon with a youthful twist. Unlike X-Men: The Animated Series, this series stays pretty close to the series and includes characters not always referenced like the New Mutants, the Acolytes, and Apocalypse. It also incorporates characters and elements from various different time periods of the X-Men.

With Bryan Singer’s stronghold on the X-Men film franchise, it’s disappointing to not see certain characters, storylines, and historic moments in the comic book canon. This series delivers the perfect blend of what you want to see in reference to the X-Universe but also with new stories, new motivations, and twists on familiar characters.

Like with the character of Harley Quinn in Batman: The Animated Series, the character of X23, the Weapon X creation that resembles a teen girl Wolverine, was created for this series. She is so popular she is still a current part of the Marvel comics.

Comic book fans, nerds, geeks, and cartoon fanatics will all love this series. But it’s not just for kids and fanboys. The series has action, teen drama, and superpowers. What more could you want?

All four seasons of the series are available for free on Hulu. The first season is also available on Netflix, if you hate limited commercial interruptions.