Hulu Will Pick Up ‘Misfits’ Season 3 for Free Streaming

MisfitsThe United Kingdom has given America a lot of fantastic things: language, cornmeal-dusted muffins, and Misfits. Let’s focus on the latter.

For those unfamiliar with the series, it surrounds a group of five “at risk” young adults doing community service for committing various crimes. On their first day of cleaning up graffiti and picking up litter, the five become victims of a strange storm which gives them each superhuman abilities. American audiences have been graced with the British sci-fi dramedy series thanks to the good graces of Hulu. The first two seasons, each containing six episodes (plus a Christmas special attached to the second season) have been available for free streaming and October saw the beginning of the third season on television over in England. Come December, viewers in the states will be able to enjoy Misfits Season 3 episodes via Hulu.

Season 3 episodes will begin streaming on Hulu on Monday, Dec. 19 and the site will release one episode every Monday until the season concludes.

Now, here’s a small bit of bad news for those of us here in America who might not have heard yet: Season 3 sees the absence of star Robert Sheehan, who plays the fan-favorite and loudmouth Nathan Young. Rumor has it that Sheehan’s de facto replacement, Joseph Gilgun, fills the void adequately. However, Nathan’s quintessentially charming obnoxiousness will definitely be missed.

The series also stars (this description contains spoilers) Alicia (Antonia Thomas), a promiscuous party girl arrested for drunk driving who develops the power to completely consume anyone who touches her with an uncontrollable physical desire for her; Curtis (Nathan Stewart-Jarrett), an up-and-coming Olympian runner caught purchasing cocaine who develops the ability to travel back in time (but only when he has a panic attack); Kelly (Lauren Socha), a hot-tempered “punk” arrested for a fistfight with another girl who develops the ability to read people’s minds; and Simon (Iwan Rheon), a socially inept recluse who attempted to burn down a neighbor’s house who develops the ability to turn invisible at will.

Misfits is at once exciting, sincerely emotional and laugh-out-loud hilarious. Even with the absence of Sheehan, I am looking forward eagerly to Hulu’s streaming of Season 3, and highly recommend the series to fans of science fiction, young adult drama, or black comedy.

Source: AOLTV