‘Hunger Games” Jennifer Lawrence Plays “Chickenball”: Best Talk Show Guest Ever?


Hunger GamesThe Hunger Games star Jennifer Lawrence is quickly joining the ranks of greatest talk show guests in the celebrity world. Earlier this week, Lawrence gave an especially memorable interview on The Late Show, giving the world a little glimpse into her lovable craziness. Letterman even admitted in an interview with Lawrence’s THG costar Josh Hutcherson that he thought she could use some medication. But last night, she found a talk show more welcoming of her zaniness. 

Lawrence appeared on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, engaging in an unorthodox game of basketball. In lieu of a ball, Lawrence and Jimmy played with Slinkys, milkshakes, mannequin heads, buckets of chicken and (in the spirit of The Hunger Games) a giant archer’s bow.

And where some guests might have just played along, Lawrence got into it. Really into it. Jumping the gun, playing illegal defense, talking smack—she really knows how to sell a talk show appearance. You can watch the video below.

Lawrence’s skill as an interviewee isn’t limited to late night talk shows. The star exhibited a little of her nuttiness in early March in an interview with Glamour. Lawrence publicized her violent tendencies towards people who claim they enjoy working out. She also made some tongue-in-cheek commentary about how popular her fame has made her at parties.

Later, Lawrence spoke to Seventeen about the plaguing debate of her true Hunger Games loyalty: is she on Team Peeta or Team Gale?

All this considered, Lawrence might be entitled to enter the kingdom of the Tom Hankses, Tracy Morgans and Joaquin Pheonixes of the world. May the Society of Most Entertaining Talk Show Guests welcome her with open arms.

The Hunger Games opens Friday, March 23.