‘Hunted’ Takes Aim — EXCLUSIVE VIDEO

HuntedSam’s really been having a tough go-around on Cinemax’s new original series Hunted. And in this exclusive clip from episode five, we are starting to see her regain her footing in a world where she can trust no one.

Hunted is the story of top-secret agent Sam Hunter (Melissa George), an operative for an elite private intelligence firm, who survives an attempt on her life while on a mission in Tangier. Trouble is, that attempt may have been orchestrated by members of her own team. So when she returns to work unannounced after nearly a year recuperating, trusting her fellow coworkers isn’t exactly her strong suit. And it also turns out that her bosses, coworkers AND secret lover suffer from the same affliction.

In the exclusive clip below, we see Sam—who has tailed Aiden—overhear some interesting information. The immediate consequences are a [gun] barrel of fun (and by fun we mean anxiety). Check it out!

Hunted airs Fridays at 10PM on Cinemax.

[Photo Credit: Cinemax]

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