Hurry Up, ‘Shameless,’ Get Ian Gallagher Back In The Picture

Cameron Monaghan, ShamelessShowtime

Ian Gallagher (Cameron Monaghan), you are missed on Shameless. The family believes that he’s fine. And he probably is. But the truth is that he’s an underage boy who has been missing for quite some time. How has nobody filed a missing persons report?

If the Gallagher family doesn’t care enough to actually miss him, Mickey (Noel Fisher) does. You remember him, right? Mickey Milkovich is a scum-of-the-earth type guy who has a hard time revealing any feelings. He’s a mess, Ian, you just don’t know it.

Right now, Shameless is a show in transition. All of its characters have never been so far apart. Fiona has never done better (she has health insurance) and Lip is at college. Where the hell is Ian? The family needs him, even though they haven’t said so often enough. The dwindling household needs more stability. Most of the time, Fiona isn’t there to handle the three young ones at home. Ian and Lip were Fiona’s backup. Now, neither of them are there.

The most unlikely relationship is Ian and Mickey. We knew Ian really cared for the bruising lowlife. With Ian gone, Mickey is lost. Hopeless. Heartbroken. Forget Mickey’s faux marriage to the foreign chick, the “couple” — neither Ian nor Mickey will ever admit it — belongs together. Ian took off to join the service, we know that won’t transition smoothly. Not that Ian wouldn’t be good at it, but come on, this is Shameless, nothing ever goes according to plan. Besides, Mickey needs his boy back. Otherwise he’ll punch out more mirrors. Come home, Ian. Friends and family are waiting for you.