Huzzah (Is That Right?): ‘Community’ Renewed for Season 4!

ALT Some flies are too awesome for the wall. And some shows are too awesome for the axe: NBC has shed its black goatee and embraced the perfect timeline: Community has been renewed for a fourth season! (Human Beings! Human Beings! Human Beings!)

The absolute best comedy on TV is coming back to the network for a 13-episode season; the same treatment that 30 Rock received earlier today. Although this is just an abridged season order, it’s still more than anybody would have expected back in December, when Community was placed on hiatus due to low ratings. But hiatus, cast/creator feuds and exiting executive producers be damned: Greendale Community College lives on.

And it’s not as though season extensions are unheard of. High hopes and dedicated Internet protests got us this far, fellow Human Beings. Only two and a half more seasons and a movie until that goal is met.

Unfortunately, Deadline makes mention that creator and creative mastermind Dan Harmon might not return as showrunner for the fourth season. Some speculate that Harmon’s rationale behind potentially leaving might derive from his feud with series star Chevy Chase. Harmon himself Tweeted, “Guys, if I ‘didn’t come back,’ it wouldn’t be because Chevy’s a prick. That’d be like punching a wall because water’s wet. Now CELEBRATE!”

Although this might be a downer in the equation, it’s still a great feeling to know that the Greendale Seven will be back in the fall.

[Image Credit: NBC]


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