Isn’t Ichabod Crane Kind Of The Dumb, Hot, Jock On ‘Sleepy Hollow’?

Tom Mison, Sleepy HollowFOX

The new FOX show Sleepy Hollow is in the midst of a very successful first season. With the amazingness of Nicole Beharie and the very special chemistry she shares with co-star Tom Mison, we’re expecting big things from the rest of the season. Comic relief also helps temper the somewhat serious nature of the supernatural drama, and much of that comic relief comes from Ichabod Crane. Even though he’s playing a detective-type character from two and a half centuries ago, we can’t help but notice that he comes off kinda like the dumb, hot jock on the show (not that we’re complaining). Now obviously he’s super-smart in his ability to solve bizarre crimes involving mythical beasts and monsters, but when it comes to the year 2013, Ichabod Crane is totally clueless.

For example, he doesn’t get technology or other modern day advances at all. There was that episode where Abbie had to explain the concept of baseball to him, the time he discovered donuts, and his first encounter with a Mac. Watching him awkwardly react to online ads for hot women in his area was totally hilarious — yes, Crane, the Internet can be a hot mess sometimes. 

In addition to his bouts of confusion and general wonderment at contemporary life, he’s also got this seemingly tough exterior — he did in fact kill the Headless Horseman, and he tends to kick much ass on the show. But that toughness is complicated by the fact that he really is a total sweetheart, desperate to communicate with his wife (who’s trapped in Purgatory), and now searching for information about the son he never knew he had. He also makes for a great companion to Abbie, who has her own set of issues. All that adorable cluelessness  + his penchant for kicking some serious monster ass + the whole family man/super-sweet friend thing  = Ichabod Crane is definitely the dumb, hot jock on Sleepy Hollow. And for that, we love him.