‘Idol’ Castoff Hollie Cavanagh on Her Bond with Joshua Ledet and Colton Dixon’s Fangirls

Hollie CavanaghAs many times as Hollie Cavanagh has sustained harsh criticisms for her performances on American Idol, the fourth place finisher sure has one thing going for her at all times: She’s the cutest. In the wake of her elimination from Season 11 of the singing competition, she took a moment to chat with Hollywood.com about the best part of any reality show: The bonds of friendship.

“I think just because we’ve been best friends and going through this together and it was just tough for him,” she said regarding best friend and and Top 3 finalist Joshua Ledet, who was crying harder than Hollie when she sang her swan song on May 10. “I think it was just a caught up in the moment sort of thing,” added the 18-year-old.
Of course, the bonds of friendship can only go so far. We asked Hollie if she would be voting for Josh when it’s time to crown the Top 2. “Oh, I don’t know,” she joked. “He can’t do better than I did (laughs).” But she wouldn’t really do that to her bestie would she? No, “He’s going to be just fine,” she says. 
And while Joshua is obviously the fellow contestant everyone keeps asking her about, she did spill a few details about what it was like to stay on past fellow eliminated singer Colton Dixon. The singer says being in the bottom two with the indie rock crooner was nerve-wracking. “Colton’s fan mail was like ridiculous, so when I was standing there next to him [the night he was eliminated] I was really nervous,” said Hollie, adding, “He just got boxes and boxes of letters.”
So what’s next for Hollie? (After she spends the summer palling around with Joshua and the other Idols on their tour.) She says she hopes to work on a single, and if she’s really lucky, she might just work with her dream collaborator: “[Working with] Mariah Carey would be nice. Maybe she could write me a song?” Well, Hollie is certainly in with the right crowd and if anyone knows how to craft a song that showcases those B-I-G notes Hollie does so well, it’s Mariah.
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