If The Cast of ‘GIRLS’ All Got Their Own Superhero Movies

Girls, castHBO

The news of Adam Driver, of Girls and GAP jeans modeling fame, being courted for a Nightwing movie makes total sense if you’ve ever seen his role on the HBO show. His character is moody and impulsive, with the dark intensity of Batman mixed with the complete lack of cynicism of Superman. The only big difference is that Nightwing tends to wear shirts. So, if Adam would be Nightwing, that begs the question: who would the rest of the Girls cast be if they were to put on tights and a cape? 

We’re always clamoring for female superheroes. But be it a movie for Black Widow or a bigger role for Maria Hill, Hollywood remains hesitant. What might help sell executives on the concept is proving that these superheroes aren’t far from these Emmy-winning characters. 

Hannah/Lena DunhamBarbarella

Vaguely pretentious (Barbarella is based on a series of French graphic novels), constantly naked, and always on the lookout for new experiences, the original superpowered dilettante, just like Hannah Horvath, takes advantage of the sexual revolution. But no matter how seriously she takes things, she always comes across a little silly. 

Marnie/Allison Williams: Wonder Woman

ZZZZzzzzz… Upholding truth, justice, and dressed in her hostess outfit from Season 2. It’s not that Wonder Woman is the most boring superhero, it’s just that she’s the most boring superhero who’s exactly like Marnie. 

Jessa/Jemima Kirke: Starfire

A freewheeling bohemian from what seems like/is another planet, laughingly unconcerned with social mores and how things are done here on Earth. That’s Jessa. No secret identity necessary. How on Earth would one hide that distinctive head of hair? 

Shoshanna/Zosia MametWasp 

Shosh’s super speedy and overactive mind might seems harmless at first, but has her own type of sting. Wasp also starts out as a spoiled girly-girl, but, like Shoshanna, comes into her own as she gets older. They even both like older men. 

Ray/Alex Karposky: Bruce Banner

Note that says Bruce Banner, not his supersized alter ego Hulk. Ray seems like he has something dangerous roiling under the surface, but in the end, he’s able to channel his constant frustrations into his love life and, from what we’ve seen of Season 3, his work. But there’s always the threat that this super-smart regular guy could become a raging green monster. 

Charlie/Christopher Abbott: Nightcrawler

He’s there one moment, then, in an instant, he disappears. (Get it?)