‘In Treatment’ May Be Back, But Not As You Know It

In TreatmentSometimes, you have to shake it up. Things grow stale and you have to start over to feel fresh again. Such is the case with In Treatment.

Most people thought this past year’s third season of the show would be its last. But oh, you would be wrong. HBO is currently in talks with the creative people behind the show about possibly continuing the show but with a radically different format. For the first three seasons, In Treatment followed a typical format of an episode a day for a few weeks. Each day of the week would have one patient so, by default, Friday would always focus on the same character (as would Monday, etc). Now they are talking about revamping the format up though they didn’t say to what.

Whether this will work or not is a tough call. Most times when a show radically changes formats, things don’t turn out so well. Take Scrubs for example (even though I really grew to like the new group) and perhaps even The Office after Michael Scott leaves later this year. It seems that with In Treatment, changing the format would change the whole essence and hook of the show. The interesting part of the show was that it was on every day for a few weeks and followed this doctor’s life. Producers would have to come up with something incredibly interesting in order to even hope of retaining their audience. I’m all for it if they think they have something worthwhile, but otherwise just let this one rest in peace.

Source: Deadline