‘Inbetweeners’ On MTV Lands Cast

The Inbetweeners CastMTV apparently has this habit of taking beloved British teen television shows (Skins and now The Inbetweeners) and making them American (seems to be an expensive habit). We’ve seen the preview for Skins and now we’ve found the cast for The Inbetweeners. Now, in all honesty, I think its unproductive to decry this as a blemish to the show, because as we have seen, you can successfully transfer a show across the pond and we haven’t seen the full acting range of this group of guys. The four leading dudes are Joey Pollari, Bubba Lewis, Zack Pearlman and Mark L. Young who have all starred in things you might have seen but probably don’t recognize.

The show follows the four group of guys who are neither popular or uncool enough to be noticed for being uncool (thus, The Inbetweeners). The British show is beloved and let’s keep out heads about this people. We have the British version. It has been made and cannot be taken from us. If this American version is bad, then so what? It’ll be off the air soon enough and we’ll go back to the original (and who knows, it might drive more people to the original). But, and this is the hard part, it could be just as good! You never know!

Source: Deadline