Insomniac’s Guide: June 28 – July 4


Welcome to’s Insomniac’s Guide to television, where we bring you our guide to strange, dark underbelly of television that is after-11 programming. So if you’re a night owl, or just want to set your TiVo, check out our recommendations for the week. But there’s no guarantee that these shows will look as good by the light of day.

Note: TV is recorded by the night, rather than date that it airs. For instance, if a show is on at 2 AM Tuesday morning, it will be listed as a Monday night show. All times EST.

Monday Night 6/28

Mobile Suit Gundam 00 – 12-1 AM on SyFy

Alright, I messed up a little bit with this one. The season technically started last week, so if you start tonight you will have missed the first two episodes. But it’s only two, and you’re not really watching this show for the plot, you’re watching it for the giant robot battles! And the series has that in abundance.

Tuesday Night 6/29

10 Ways to Kill Bin Laden- 12:01 on The History Channel

Ever sit around your house at night and wonder if there’s anything you could be doing to kill Osama Bin Ladin? If so, you may be Gary Faulkner, but if you lack the drive/crazy necessary to get yourself to Afghanistan with a 40-inch sword, you can just watch this show on the History Channel instead.

Wednesday Night 6/30

Heathers– 3 AM on IFC

Heathers is a cult classic, a clever, biting parody of those ubiquitous John Hughes high school movies. If you’re sick of the latest 80’s nostalgia trend, this film will remind you that people hated the 80’s in the 80’s too. Plus, it’s got Winona Ryder as the original Hipster Pixie Dream Girl, and some great quotable lines. I love my dead gay son!

Thursday Night 7/1

30 for 30: The 2 Escobars- 1:30 AM on ESPN

I’m not so much of a sports person, but ESPN’s special documentary series, 30 For 30 can even get me interested. This episode, The 2 Escobars, follows the intertwined fates of Pablo Escobar, the powerful drug lord, and Andres Escobar, the famous soccer player. If you know your history there won’t be any surprise endings, but it’s still such a skillfully told story you won’t want to miss it.

Friday Night 7/2

Blue Velvet– 2 AM on Turner Classic Movies

David Lynch is a rare filmmaker with the talent of actually capturing what it is to be in a dream. Blue Velvet may not be his most surreal film (if you want to see Eraserhead, it’s on IFC Sunday night),  but it’s still deeply weird and deeply Lynch. I don’t think I’d like to fall asleep to a Lynch film, but I’m sure it would be very simple.

Saturday Night 7/3

Batman– 12 AM on Fox Movie Channel (FMC) and Batman– 12 AM on WGN America

Depending on your mood, interests, and level of inebriation, you can choose between two different Batman movies Tuesday night: the 1960’s campy, Bat-Shark-Repellent-using Batman on FMC; or the 1980’s Jack Nicholson, Tim Burton-back-when-he-was-vaguely-original Batman on WGN. Or you can flip between the two and deal with the mood whiplash. Either way, this is a great chance to get some Bats into your life, besides watching The Dark Knight for the thousandth time.

Bonus: Still need more of the Caped Crusader? Then check out Batman: The Animated Series on Sunday night to see ‘Heart Of Ice.” The episode, which introduces anti-villain Mr. Freeze, won the series an Emmy for “Outstanding Writing” and is a high point for the excellent animated series. Catch it Sunday night on Disney XD at 2:30 AM.

Sunday Night 7/4

Jaws: The Revenge– 1:45 AM on Encore

The shark from Jaws is back, and this time, it’s personal. No, really, that’s actually the tag line from Jaws: The Revenge, the fourth Jaws film, in which the shark decides to specifically target and torment the Brody family. Tune in to watch Michael Caine slum it up, and see the characters conveniently forget that sharks can be easily avoided by going inside or moving to non-coastal regions.