Instant Happy: Watch Ellen DeGeneres Send The Superbass Girls To The AMAs

Katy Perry Superbass GirlsThis week can be rough. It’s one of the shortest weeks of the year thanks to the fast-approaching Thanksgiving holiday, but the anticipation of stuffing our faces with turkey and lounging in front of the TV with our comotose relatives watching football games is just too much to bear. Every day before Thanksgiving feels like an eternity. That’s why we’re so lucky that Ellen delivered this wonderful, charming, adorable video for this ever-lasting Tuesday evening. Ellen DeGeneres sent the adorable Superbass Girls (the two tiny Brits who sang Nicki Minaj’s hit single “Superbass” with impressive accuracy on YouTube) to the American Music Awards, where they overwhelmed the likes of Jennifer Hudson, John Legend, Lil’ John (or Lil’ Wayne’s cousin, if you ask the tykes), Modern Family’s Julie Bowen and Lady Antebellum. All of whom are self-proclaimed big fans. But of course, the little ladies were particularly wowed when Katy Perry defied her publicists and made a beeline towards the pair so they could sing “Firework” together. Warning: this video contains lots of adorableness, excited squeals and excessive Britishness. I literally cannot wait to watch it again.

Source: Buzzfeed